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In this issue of our quarterly Newsletter we’ll keep you up to date on HYDRO supporting all global Airbus flight lines with Ground Support Equipment, on our new partnership with Dynell, on tripod-jacks for a very special aircraft - the Antonow AN-124, on what you should know about aircraft water tanks, and you’ll find an interesting interview with our Senior Manager GSE Pamela Lanzillotti.

HYDRO signed a global distribution agreement with Dynell. The innovative product range includes efficient diesel-driven ground power units, a completely new concept for solid-state ground power units and all kinds of connection systems including cable coils, pit systems, charging systems and connectors. First and foremost, this agreement is a benefit for all customers.

China’s international air transportation has experienced tremendous growth and major reforms over the past two decades. HYDRO early began to see this development and established a sales office in Beijing in July 2000. The 20th anniversary is a significant milestone is the foundation for further success in the Chinese market in the future.

In this issue of our quarterly Newsletter, we’ll keep you up to date on ATR as our new Airframe Tooling customer, on our new service-center in Toronto, on HYDRO being awarded with the Pratt & Whitney Excellence award, on what you should know about aircraft freighter conversion, and you’ll find an interesting interview with our Head of the Business Unit Airframe Tooling and Key-Account Airbus/Satair Georg Lambrich.

The GE Customer Technical Education Center (CTEC), provides technical training to customer mechanics, powerplant engineers, GE employees and other representatives on a daily basis to help ensure fleet reliability. GE9x is the heaviest aircraft engine on the market and works with the HYDRO COBRA engine change system, which is now on its way to GEs training center.

The Corona crisis is grounding the world’s airlines and thousands of flights have been suspended. Based on the fact that our customers are not fully operational at present, HYDRO will reduce our sales availability at our German headquarters between April 14 and 17, 2020. Operations will continue with full force to ensure on-time delivery for our customers.

We are proud that all @Airbus flight lines will be equipped with HYDRO GSE for a period of five years. Airbus uses the GSE on the flight lines to perform a variety of tests on the completed airplanes.
#GSE #flightline #insafehands

Learn more on how to use a FENT tripod-jack in this application video. This special version allows quick and easy shipping around the world due to its modular concept.

#tripodjack #mro #aircraftmaintenance #groundsupportequipment

Interesting interview with our Senior Manager GSE talking about her role as a product manager, about how new products come to life, about the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic for suppliers like HYDRO, and much more.

#gse #mro #productmanager

Recently we did proof load tests and recertification of various tripod-jacks at JFK for @JetBlue. Our service team is able to perform on-site service on short notice with mobile proof-load equipment. This saves our customers both, time and costs.
#proofloadtest #mro #jfk

Next stop on our US Customer Satisfaction tour: The Boeing 737 assembly facility in Renton, Washington, where about 30 % of the worldwide fleet flying today were built. Our team has their ears open to the needs of our customers.
#boeing #B737 #customersatisfaction

Not an everyday product for our quality inspection team. The Load Limiter easily passed the proof load test with 300 kN tensile force. It is needed in the event of an aircraft recovery scenario, where the aircraft needs to be pulled out.
#aircraftrecovery #gse #airport

This week our VP Sales and Business Development Nera-Lee Herzig-Patel and Director Customer Technical Integration Claude Leduc performed a very productive customer service visit to Boeing Field Delivery Center.
#Boeing #seattle #customerservice #insafehands

In case of a recovery scenario, where the aircraft needs to be pulled out, a load limiter is the right thing to complement your existing debugging kit. It monitors the maximum applicable load and disconnects if an excess load is being applied.
#airport #recovery #avgeeks

Access to even more Ground Support Equipment - We have signed a global distribution agreement with Dynell. This agreement will be a benefit for all our customers.
#groundpower #groundsupportequipment #mro #maintenance #groundhandling

Are you in urgent need for a Rolls-Royce Trent XWB SES (Split Engine Stand)? Currently we have a brand new one available immediately for loan, lease or purchase.
#enginestand #trentxwb #mro #rollsroyce #maintenance

Finally arrived and already in use: HYDRO EJAL tripod-jack set for the Antonow 124 at @LEJ_Airport in Germany. This is one of the largest transport aircraft in the world!
#antonow #gse #avgeeks #aircraftmaintenance

Are you in urgent need for a Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 Basic engine transportation stand? Currently we have one available for immediate deployment, at our US facility in Seattle.

#mro #linemaintenance #enginestands

When an aircraft is almost "reaching its age" it can either be scrapped or repurposed. What aircraft models are used for conversion? How can cargo conversion kits alleviate the global shortage of air cargo capacity in times of Corona?

#avgeeks #freighter

Our RT axle-jacks are designed for outstanding robustness and are suitable for the most common narrow-body and wide-body aircraft types. Learn more on how to use them:
#axlejack #maintenance #mro #avgeeks #airlines

This is an interesting interview with Georg Lambrich talking about his roles as Head of Airframe Tooling Business Unit and Key Account Manager for Airbus/Satair and much more.

#airframetooling #tooling #maketoprint #mro

We are proud to serve the Antonov AN-124 with our tripod-jacks to keep it airworthy! It is the smaller version of the AN-225 that had brought 10 million protective masks to Germany in April to fight the Corona pandemic.
#antonov #gse #groundsupportequipment #aircraftmaintenance

This is the TEST-FUCHS headquarters in Austria. Today we came together for a productive working session benefitting the global aviation community. Thank you TEST-FUCHS for the warm hospitality!
#groundsupportequipment #MRO #testequipment #aviationmaintenance

Congratulations on the 20 years anniversary of HYDRO China! This is a significant milestone in the history of the whole HYDRO group. Thank you very much HYDRO China team, for being a valued part of the global HYDRO family!
#anniversary #insafehands #avgeeks #china

Throwback Thursday // This picture is almost 30 years old. We still see our axle-jacks from those days coming into our global service-centers for regular checks and recertification. Every time a great proof of real longevity!
#mro #quality #longevity #avgeek #axlejack

We are proud to deliver the full range of airframe tools for @ATRaircraft, the world leader in regional aircraft, since January 2020. ATR benefits from a worldwide supply chain that is second to none, and comprehensive service.
#airframe #tooling

Nice video with HYDRO tripod-jacks in action. Thanks for s haring @breakingavnews !
#gse #mro #airlines #groundsupportequipment #gearcheck #gearswing

Re-entry into service: Do not make any compromises on safety while bringing your fleet back to sky. For the disinfection of the potable water system we recommend a DC2 disinfection cart. This delivers safety to all passengers and to the aircraft.
#gse #mro #airlines

HYDRO tow-bar spotted at beautiful Maldives. Thanks for sharing @VelanaAirport !
#towbar #groundsupportequipment #groundhandling #maldives

HYDRO tow-bar spotted at Katowice Airport. Thanks for sharing @KatowiceAirport ! #groundsupportequipment #towbar #flyKTW

Proud to be part of a German supplier team including @RheinmetallAG, @MTUaeroeng and @Autoflug, to ensure the long-term sustainment of the @Sikorsky CH-53K in Germany. Lately the heavy transport helicopter successfully passed various sea trial scenarios. #groundsupportequipment

Pretty good video of an A320 engine change from our friends at @FlySWISS starring a wide variety of HYDRO equipment, including engine cradles, engine dollies, hold open-devices and much more.

#enginechange #a320 #mro #linemaintenance

Do not make any compromise on safety while bringing your fleet back to sky. For the maintenance of mainline aircraft hydraulic systems we recommend a WSS4 Water Separator to purify the hydraulic fluid. This delivers safety to your operators and aircraft.
#maintenance #gse #MRO

The GE9x works with our COBRA engine change system, which is now on its way to @GEAviation CTEC training center in Cincinnati. All students will have the chance to experience this economic, safe and highly efficient solution for engine changes and maintenance.
#ctec #enginechange

Maintenance companies are keeping their tool inventories as small as possible in order to keep working capital from getting tied up. They need flexible ways to react upon tooling demands. Need support? HYDRO loan equipment can solve this problem.
#gse #aircraftmaintenance

We are happy to see that @FlySWISS gradually expand their flight schedule. They have a pretty interesting video called “Aircraft meets Breitling watchmaker” in their in-flight entertainment with lots of HYDRO products in focus.

#aircraftmaintenance #avgeek

For HYDRO, it’s never just a tool. How is a Boeing tool created exactly? What are the fine points and the differences? And how do I make sure that it operates its entire life?

#tooling #airlines #avgeek #aircraftmaintenance

IglooMX shelters quickly and easily create a safe, enclosed and controlled work environment to protect workers and sensitive equipment from bad weather conditions. It took the airline’s team in the picture less than 15 minutes to build the shelter! #airlines #aircraftmaintenance

Welcome to the latest member of our global service-network – Toronto!
In collaboration with Liftsafe Group of Companies, we now offer recertification, repair and replacement of HYDRO products to OEM standards in Canada!
#groundsupportequipment #service #airlines #mro

Pretty interesting interview with our Regional Sales Director and @RollsRoyce Key Account Manager talking about what is involved in managing a primary account and about the high expectations of Rolls-Royce.

#groundsupportequipment #enginetooling #MRO

This week an Antonov 225 brought more than 10 million protective masks to Leipzig airport in Germany, to fight the Corona pandemic. We are very proud that a HYDRO tow-bar was part of this humanitarian flight!

#aviationlovers #airlines @AntonovCompany

Full force at our facility in Derby, UK. Martin and Mark are working on some urgent tools and face the Corona situation in the English way: “Keep social distancing and carry on servicing”.
#aircraftmaintenance #airlines #socialdistancing #aircraftengineers

We are at full force at our facility in Seattle. President Kurt Armbruster along with his team have the facility operating at full output to meet customer needs. This month 15 engine transportation stands will be on their way to customers.
#aircraftmaintenance #airlines

Our new leasing options make high quality Ground Support Equipment affordable for everyone. They give you financial flexibility and reduce your total cost of ownership.

#aircraftmaintenance #linemaintenance #groundsupportequipment #groundhandling

We can still run full operations at our service-center in Biberach (Germany). Branch manager Pietro Pellegrino has split the staff in two teams that do not meet physically, to avoid potential cross contamination.
#aviation #aviationmaintenance #airlines #avgeek

Our team at our service-center in Singapore did an outstanding job in the last weeks. Despite the Corona situation they moved our facility to a new location. Due to our business is considered to be essential, we can still run full operations in Singapore.
#aviation #airlines

Service-center manager Patricia Morote does her best to implement maximum health precautions and to keep operations going at our Hamburg facility. This week several A320 neo bootstrap kits from our friends at @Airbus have been recertified.
#aviation #aviationmaintenance #airlines

Service-Center manager Sascha Huber and his team in Washington D.C. do their best to keep operations going. Last week they were busy doing repairs and recertifications for several mechanical stanchions from our friends at @Airbus.
#aviation #aviationmaintenance #airlines #avgeek

SVP Sales & Service Martin Dürr is happy that despite the Corona crisis production at our largest facility in Biberach, Germany, is still running. This week several sets of 35 t tripod-jacks left the facility.
#aviation #aviationmaintenance #airlines #avgeek

Our team in Toulouse follows strict health precautions, so we can remain operational and support our customers. Thanks to the new proof-load test equipment, we can test a wide range of hydraulic products in Toulouse! #aviation #aviationmaintenance #airlines #coronavirus #avgeek

Service-Center manager Rene Barth and his team in Dubai keep operations going during this time of Corona. They have set up two independent teams that work in two separate halls, to ensure continuous support for our customers.
#aviation #aviationmaintenance #airlines #avgeek

Really nice video of an Airbus A330 gear swing from our friends @VirginAtlantic with HYDRO tripod-jacks and EJAL electronic jacking and levelling system in focus!

#avgeek #aircraftengineers #aircraftmaintenance #virginatlantic #airbus

In times of Corona dominating the news, we have some good news, which we are really proud of: HYDRO has been awarded the Rolls-Royce Strategic Supplier Award 2019. What an achievement! Thank you @RollsRoyce for the recognition, we feel deeply honoured!
#avgeek #airlines #aviation

We are operational and our focus is to stay operational and support you, our customers, friends and partners!
Read the letter from our management board:

#aviation #COVID2019 #avgeek

HYDRO tow-bar spotted. But at which airport? Thanks for sharing @ASA_Aero
#avgeek #aviationlovers #towbar #aviation

HYDRO tow-bar spotted @manairport ...Thanks for sharing @LucyIsabel33 @jet2tweets !

What an exciting first day at MRO Australasia! Tomorrow there's one more chance to meet Peter Martin, Maxime Marxer and Glenn Gerard Gomez, to get insights on how we can deliver you maximum quality and efficiency for your operations.
#MROAA #aircraftmaintenance #brisbane

Next stop MRO Australasia! Our sales team with Peter Martin, Maxime Marxer and Glenn Gerard Gomez are looking forward to give you the latest updates on how we can deliver you maximum quality and efficiency for your operations.
#MROAA #aircraftmaintenance #brisbane

Thumbs up for our latest tow-bar family member which has been successfully validated by @embraer for use on E195-E2 and E190-E2. Thank you very much to our friends from @helvetic_en who now test the tow-bar in daily operation.
#avgeek #aviation

Annual checks of your tools keep them safe and ensure a long tool life-time. Find out more about the largest proof load test stand in the world with up to 350 metric tons vertical load.

#maintenance #aircraftmaintenance #aircraftengineers

Don’t miss getting the latest updates on our whole life-cycle solutions for aircraft maintenance, repairs, overhaul and assembly. Our Area Sales Managers Wjatscheslaw Glaser and Andreas Munsch are looking forward to meet you in Tashkent!
#UAALF @feomedxb #aviation #tashkent

What if you are suffering an AOG while there is a snowstorm going on? Learn more on how engine shelters quickly and easily create a safe, enclosed and controlled work environment.

#aircraftmaintenance #aircraftengineers #aviaitonmaintenance #avgeek

Nice pic of the Luk Air A330 being pushed back with a HYDRO tow-bar at DUB. Thanks for sharing @bctaviation !
#aircraftmaintenance #aviationlovers #avgeek

Zero stress for Boeing B777: Recently a cracking problem on the underwing longerons on Boeing B777s prompted a warning. What does this mean for maintenance procedures and the necessary equipment?

#linemaintenance #aircraftmaintenance #aircraftengineers

You see the shredded remnants of car tires littering the highway all the time, yet you've almost certainly never witnessed or even read about a tire blowout on an airliner. Why not?

#aviation #airlines #avgeek

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