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In this issue of our quarterly Newsletter we’ll keep you up to date on HYDRO supporting all global Airbus flight lines with Ground Support Equipment, on our new partnership with Dynell, on tripod-jacks for a very special aircraft - the Antonow AN-124, on what you should know about aircraft water tanks, and you’ll find an interesting interview with our Senior Manager GSE Pamela Lanzillotti.

HYDRO signed a global distribution agreement with Dynell. The innovative product range includes efficient diesel-driven ground power units, a completely new concept for solid-state ground power units and all kinds of connection systems including cable coils, pit systems, charging systems and connectors. First and foremost, this agreement is a benefit for all customers.

China’s international air transportation has experienced tremendous growth and major reforms over the past two decades. HYDRO early began to see this development and established a sales office in Beijing in July 2000. The 20th anniversary is a significant milestone is the foundation for further success in the Chinese market in the future.

In this issue of our quarterly Newsletter, we’ll keep you up to date on ATR as our new Airframe Tooling customer, on our new service-center in Toronto, on HYDRO being awarded with the Pratt & Whitney Excellence award, on what you should know about aircraft freighter conversion, and you’ll find an interesting interview with our Head of the Business Unit Airframe Tooling and Key-Account Airbus/Satair Georg Lambrich.

The GE Customer Technical Education Center (CTEC), provides technical training to customer mechanics, powerplant engineers, GE employees and other representatives on a daily basis to help ensure fleet reliability. GE9x is the heaviest aircraft engine on the market and works with the HYDRO COBRA engine change system, which is now on its way to GEs training center.

The Corona crisis is grounding the world’s airlines and thousands of flights have been suspended. Based on the fact that our customers are not fully operational at present, HYDRO will reduce our sales availability at our German headquarters between April 14 and 17, 2020. Operations will continue with full force to ensure on-time delivery for our customers.

Happy Thanksgiving from HYDRO! May you and your loved ones have a wonderful day filled with gratitude and happiness. We are thankful for all of our friends, customers and business partners, and we are very grateful to have the opportunity to work with you!

Are you in urgent need of a tripod-jack set for narrow-body or wide-body aircraft? Our modular fly-away tripod-jacks are available at short notice, allow cost-effective shipment and are ready to use right away!
#gse #aog #avgeek #tripodjack #maintenance

Throwback Thursday – This is one of our first axle-jacks back from 1967!
#heritage #longevity #insafehands #avgeeks #throwbackthursday #MRO

The water and waste system supplies potable water to the lavatories and galleys of an airplane, and removes the sink and toilet waste. But how is it stored? How is the waste water discharged? And how is the water refilled? Read more:

#avgeeks #gse

HYDRO tripod-jack spotted at @DublinAerospace . Thanks for sharing @Michaelkelly707 !
#gse #mro #insafehands #tripodjack

Throwback Thursday // In 1990 our headquarters in Biberach, Germany, received its landmark – a Tupolev TU-134 A!
#throwbackthursday #insafehands #tupolev

Recently a HYDRO team was on-site at @BoeingAirplanes in North Charleston. Their focus was customer care and service, ensuring optimal integration of the COBRA engine change system into the assembly of the #B787.
#customercare #insafehands #finalassembly

We are proud that all @Airbus flight lines will be equipped with HYDRO GSE for a period of five years. Airbus uses the GSE on the flight lines to perform a variety of tests on the completed airplanes.
#GSE #flightline #insafehands

Learn more on how to use a FENT tripod-jack in this application video. This special version allows quick and easy shipping around the world due to its modular concept.

#tripodjack #mro #aircraftmaintenance #groundsupportequipment

Interesting interview with our Senior Manager GSE talking about her role as a product manager, about how new products come to life, about the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic for suppliers like HYDRO, and much more.

#gse #mro #productmanager

Recently we did proof load tests and recertification of various tripod-jacks at JFK for @JetBlue. Our service team is able to perform on-site service on short notice with mobile proof-load equipment. This saves our customers both, time and costs.
#proofloadtest #mro #jfk

Next stop on our US Customer Satisfaction tour: The Boeing 737 assembly facility in Renton, Washington, where about 30 % of the worldwide fleet flying today were built. Our team has their ears open to the needs of our customers.
#boeing #B737 #customersatisfaction

Not an everyday product for our quality inspection team. The Load Limiter easily passed the proof load test with 300 kN tensile force. It is needed in the event of an aircraft recovery scenario, where the aircraft needs to be pulled out.
#aircraftrecovery #gse #airport

This week our VP Sales and Business Development Nera-Lee Herzig-Patel and Director Customer Technical Integration Claude Leduc performed a very productive customer service visit to Boeing Field Delivery Center.
#Boeing #seattle #customerservice #insafehands

In case of a recovery scenario, where the aircraft needs to be pulled out, a load limiter is the right thing to complement your existing debugging kit. It monitors the maximum applicable load and disconnects if an excess load is being applied.
#airport #recovery #avgeeks

Access to even more Ground Support Equipment - We have signed a global distribution agreement with Dynell. This agreement will be a benefit for all our customers.
#groundpower #groundsupportequipment #mro #maintenance #groundhandling

Are you in urgent need for a Rolls-Royce Trent XWB SES (Split Engine Stand)? Currently we have a brand new one available immediately for loan, lease or purchase.
#enginestand #trentxwb #mro #rollsroyce #maintenance

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