Ground Support Equipment Equipment for landing gear change

The landing gear is an essential and robust component of the aircraft, for which there is no built-in redundancy. It is all the more important that maintenance can be done efficiently and smoothly. Our equipment for the landing gear change includes all applications, covering removal / installation or transportation of a landing gear as well as for wheel and brake change applications.

Our solutions for the landing gear change are available for nearly all common landing gear types of different manufactures – whether single-axle or multi-axle systems. They stand out with highest operating convenience and cost efficiency.


  • User friendly ergonomic design and operation
  • Universal application
  • On-site service

Landing gear change equipment

Main landing gear removal/ installation trolley | MLGT

We offer a wide range of different Main Landing Gear Trolley (MLGT). The MLGT is a one-base device to replace the main landing gears without wheels and brakes of various narrow body aircrafts.

Nose landing gear removal/ installation trolley | NLGT

Our Nose Landing Gear removal / installation trolley (NLGT) has been specially designed for landing gear maintenance changes. We offer a wide range of aircraft specific nose landing gear trolleys for wide and narrow body aircraft.

Wheel and brake change dolly

Our hydraulic wheel and brake change dolly has been designed for removal and installation of wheels and brake drums on aircraft. We offer a wide range of different universal wheel and brake change dollies precisely designed according to your needs.

Landing gear transportation dolly

Our landing gear transportation dolly for landing gears has been specially designed for transportation and storage of various types of aircraft landing gears.

„The new MLGTMULTI-1 has been very easy to work with. It's a perfect working machine for main landing gear replacement. The good moveability, the accurate winding and the safe fixation of the landing gear are key features of a high quality product. What I appreciate a lot about the MLGTMULTI-1 is that there is one singular base with interchangeable frame kits that can work with various narrow-body aircraft. That saves money and enables our technicians to feel confident since they are familiar with one single operation process."

Patrick Lyons

Operation Team Leader at Lufthansa Technik Shannon Ltd.

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