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In dieser Ausgabe unseres vierteljährlich erscheinenden Newsletters finden Sie ein interessantes Interview mit unserem Director Customer Technical Integration Claude Leduc, wir stellen Ihnen eine sehr platzsparende und sichere Möglichkeit vor, unterschiedlichste Triebwerke zu lagern, wir zeigen Ihnen, wie HYDRO einem Kunden bei einem Aircraft On Ground Problem geholfen hat, wir stellen Ihnen unser Recovery Tool Load Limiter vor, und wir präsentieren Ihnen eine sehr einfache Möglichkeit, Triebwerke zu schützen.


In dieser Ausgabe unseres vierteljährlichen Newsletters informieren wir Sie über das neue Facelift unseres COBRA Triebwerkswechselsystems, über den Einsatz von Boeing Tooling, über Triebwerkszelte um für die Winterperiode gerüstet zu sein, darüber wie unsere neueste universelle Schleppstange angewendet wird, über unser neuestes Service-Center in Tokyo, darüber was Sie über das Lower Deck von Flugzeugen wissen sollten und Sie finden in dieser Ausgabe ein spannendes Interview mit unserem neuen Executive Vice President Tooling Dr. Thomas Rupp.

Unsere universell einsetzbaren Schleppstangen sind speziell auf die Verwendung für mehrere Flugzeugtypen ausgelegt. Die Universal-Schleppstangen sind standardmäßig mit einem Mehrzweck-Schleppstangenkopf, Schleppöse und einem Fahrwerk ausgestattet. Durch das einfache Umstecken eines Kugelsperrbolzens können mit einer einzigen Schleppstange eine Vielzahl an unterschiedlichen Flugzeugen bedient werden. Erfahren Sie mehr zur Anwendung der TOWUNIV9 Schleppstange in diesem Anwendungsvideo.

In dieser Ausgabe unseres vierteljährlichen Newsletters informieren wir Sie über den Einsatz von HYDRO Ground Support Equipment bei allen weltweiten Airbus Flightlines, über unsere neue Partnerschaft mit Dynell, über ganz spezielle Dreibockheber für die Antonov AN-124, wir geben Ihnen ein Update zu allem was Sie über Wassertanks in Flugzeugen wissen sollten und Sie finden in dieser Ausgabe ein spannendes Interview mit Pamela Lanzillotti, Senior Manager GSE bei HYDRO.

HYDRO hat eine weltweite Vertriebsvereinbarung mit Dynell unterschrieben. Das innovative Produktportfolio von Dynell umfasst effiziente dieselbetriebene Bodenstromaggregate (GPUs), ein neues Konzept für statische Frequenzumrichter, eine Vielzahl an Andiensytemen wie Kabeltrommel-Systeme, Pit-Systeme und Stecker sowie Lade-Systeme. Die Partnerschaft mit Dynell verschafft HYDRO-Kunden Zugang zu einem noch breiteren Spektrum an Ground Support Equipment Produkten.

Chinas internationale Luftfahrt hat in den letzten 20 Jahren ein enormes Wachstum und grundlegende Reformen erlebt. Schon früh hat HYDRO diese Entwicklung erkannt und bereits im Juli 2000 den ersten Vertriebsstandort in Peking eröffnet. Das 20-jährige Jubiläum ist ein bedeutendes Etappenziel und gleichzeitig die Grundlage für weiteres Wachstum in der Zukunft auf dem chinesischen Markt.

Ramadan Kareem - Have a blessed #Ramadan everyone!

We are currently searching for committed professionals in Toulouse, France. Check out the following job vacancy: Technicien de Maintenance aéronautique (m/w/d)
For more information visit:
#career #vacancy #HYDRO #aerospace #Toulouse #technicien #hiring

Have you already upgraded your Boeing B737 bootstrap kit? Is your bootstrap kit to correct revision and safety level? Contact your HYDRO service center! We have the required mod kits in stock and we are happy to support you with a fast turnaround. #HYDRO #insafehands #bootstrap

We are currently looking for committed #professionals in Biberach, Baden (GER).
Are you looking for exciting prospects in the #aerospace industry? Check out our latest job #vacancies on our website:
#HYDRO #jobs #applynow #VPSales #IT #ProductManagement

Check out our impressive brand-new flame cutting system from Zinser. Now we are able to produce nearly all required sheet metals from 2 - 200 mm, for our GSE and Tools.
#HYDRO #sandblast #cuttingsystem #ZINSER4025 #welding

We are excited that we have received our official certificate of membership of the National Business Aviation Association! We look forward to connecting with the members.
#NBAA #nationalbusinessaviationassociation #aviation #businessaviation #insafehands

Check out the impressive RR T1000 #engine in the HYDRO EPS universal wide-body pedestals. The T1000 pedestals are used by many of our customers. #HYDRO manufactures the EPS #pedestal system to cover all of the most popular wide-body engines in service from the OEMs.

This week our Director Technical Integration Claude Leduc participated in the 123rd IATP conference. We look forward to providing solutions tailored to each individual operation during these turbulent times. HYDRO - In safe hands.
#IATP #aircraft #conference #MRO #HYDRO

This week, our global sales team had an interesting training for the new @JB_ROCHE_Ltd FLASHPLUG AIR. It changes the way engines are protected. FLASHPLUG AIR is the perfect solution when storing an aircraft for extended periods. Protect your engine today! #engine #MRO #Flashplug

Here is a nice shot of our RT axle-jack while a wheel change on a B747. With their compact and robust design, they are suitable for the most common narrow-body and wide-body aircraft types.
#MRO #AxleJack #B747 #aircraft #wheelchange

With the help of the MLGTMULTI-1, the LGD11-001 and the NLGFA320, the transfer of the nose landing gear from the MLGTMULTI-1 to the landing gear dolly after a NLG change is easier than ever, no crane is required. The NLG can now be transported, removed, or installed #MRO #NLG

Gong Xi Fa Cai - Happy Chinese New Year from HYDRO!
We would like to wish our colleagues, partners and friends good luck, health and prosperity. Have a fabulous New Year ahead!
#ChineseNewYear2021 #CNY2021 #Yearofox

Gong Xi Fa Chai - Happy Chinese New Year from HYDRO!

We would like to wish our colleagues, partners and friends good luck, health and prosperity. Have a fabulous New Year ahead!
#ChineseNewYear2021 #CNY2021 #Yearofox

Throwback Thursday // Here you can see a historic HYDRO RH-Axle-Jack.
Did you know that we have sold more than 3,000
RH/RC-Axle-Jacks since 2004, although they are our smallest axle-jack product family?
#throwbackthursday #heritage #historicaxlejack #quality #axlejack #MRO

Engine shelters are useful for airlines as well as MRO’s, to protect workers and sensitive equipment from bad weather conditions. We have a stock of engine shelters for all
wide-body aircraft as well as all narrow-body aircraft available. #MRO #engineshelter #AOG #aircraft

Welcome to the latest member of our global
service-network – Tokyo! In collaboration with the outstanding safety team from Horiguchi, we now offer recertification, repair and replacement of HYDRO products to OEM standards in Japan. #MRO #Service #aviation

The COBRA engine change system is the economic, safe and highly efficient system solution for engine maintenance.
Read more on how we have brought our COBRA engine change system to an even higher level of operator, engine and aircraft safety.

The lower deck of an aircraft is usually used as cargo space. But what are unit load devices? How is the cargo system in the Airbus A350 XWB working? And why does Lufthansa sometimes have even toilets in the cargo hold? Read more:
#aviation #cargo #MRO

Learn more on how to use a TOWUNIV9 tow-bar in this application video. Easy and tool-less change of a ball lock pin allows to serve a wide range of aircraft applications.
#aviation #aircraft #towbar #GroundSupportEquipment

Last week our Director Customer Technical Integration Claude Leduc completed a very productive customer service visit to perform a Service Bulletin for Airbus at Canadian Forces Base Comox in support of the C-295. #servicebulletin #comox #c295 #cfbcomox

During the holiday season, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our success possible. Wishing you a year filed with health, joy, harmony and prosperity.
May the holiday spirit be with you, your family and dear ones!
#seasonsgreetings #happyholidays #HolidaySpirit

This is an interesting interview with Dr. Thomas Rupp talking about his role as Executive Vice President Tooling, and about how customers will benefit from HYDRO’s new organizational structure. #tooling #airframetooling

When do you need @BoeingAirplanes tooling? Who needs it? How many tools do you need? What do you have to consider when buying tools? And how do you know if your vendor is a licensee? Read more:
#tooling #mro #linemaintenance

Today some new trunnions for a #RollsRoyce XWB engine transportation stand finished in production. These front fixtures are crucial parts, because they are used to mount the aircraft engines on the stands. Thanks to our milling team for a great job!
#xwb #enginetransportation

Happy Thanksgiving from HYDRO! May you and your loved ones have a wonderful day filled with gratitude and happiness. We are thankful for all of our friends, customers and business partners, and we are very grateful to have the opportunity to work with you!

Are you in urgent need of a tripod-jack set for narrow-body or wide-body aircraft? Our modular fly-away tripod-jacks are available at short notice, allow cost-effective shipment and are ready to use right away!
#gse #aog #avgeek #tripodjack #maintenance

Throwback Thursday – This is one of our first axle-jacks back from 1967!
#heritage #longevity #insafehands #avgeeks #throwbackthursday #MRO

The water and waste system supplies potable water to the lavatories and galleys of an airplane, and removes the sink and toilet waste. But how is it stored? How is the waste water discharged? And how is the water refilled? Read more:

#avgeeks #gse

HYDRO tripod-jack spotted at @DublinAerospace . Thanks for sharing @Michaelkelly707 !
#gse #mro #insafehands #tripodjack

Throwback Thursday // In 1990 our headquarters in Biberach, Germany, received its landmark – a Tupolev TU-134 A!
#throwbackthursday #insafehands #tupolev

Recently a HYDRO team was on-site at @BoeingAirplanes in North Charleston. Their focus was customer care and service, ensuring optimal integration of the COBRA engine change system into the assembly of the #B787.
#customercare #insafehands #finalassembly

We are proud that all @Airbus flight lines will be equipped with HYDRO GSE for a period of five years. Airbus uses the GSE on the flight lines to perform a variety of tests on the completed airplanes.
#GSE #flightline #insafehands

Learn more on how to use a FENT tripod-jack in this application video. This special version allows quick and easy shipping around the world due to its modular concept.

#tripodjack #mro #aircraftmaintenance #groundsupportequipment

Interesting interview with our Senior Manager GSE talking about her role as a product manager, about how new products come to life, about the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic for suppliers like HYDRO, and much more.

#gse #mro #productmanager

Recently we did proof load tests and recertification of various tripod-jacks at JFK for @JetBlue. Our service team is able to perform on-site service on short notice with mobile proof-load equipment. This saves our customers both, time and costs.
#proofloadtest #mro #jfk

Next stop on our US Customer Satisfaction tour: The Boeing 737 assembly facility in Renton, Washington, where about 30 % of the worldwide fleet flying today were built. Our team has their ears open to the needs of our customers.
#boeing #B737 #customersatisfaction

Not an everyday product for our quality inspection team. The Load Limiter easily passed the proof load test with 300 kN tensile force. It is needed in the event of an aircraft recovery scenario, where the aircraft needs to be pulled out.
#aircraftrecovery #gse #airport

This week our VP Sales and Business Development Nera-Lee Herzig-Patel and Director Customer Technical Integration Claude Leduc performed a very productive customer service visit to Boeing Field Delivery Center.
#Boeing #seattle #customerservice #insafehands

In case of a recovery scenario, where the aircraft needs to be pulled out, a load limiter is the right thing to complement your existing debugging kit. It monitors the maximum applicable load and disconnects if an excess load is being applied.
#airport #recovery #avgeeks

Access to even more Ground Support Equipment - We have signed a global distribution agreement with Dynell. This agreement will be a benefit for all our customers.
#groundpower #groundsupportequipment #mro #maintenance #groundhandling

Are you in urgent need for a Rolls-Royce Trent XWB SES (Split Engine Stand)? Currently we have a brand new one available immediately for loan, lease or purchase.
#enginestand #trentxwb #mro #rollsroyce #maintenance

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