PW1500 Engine Transportation Stand

During the development process of the Engine Transportation Stand for the PW1500 HYDRO focused on „form follows function“ - resulting in aesthetic cleanliness. It was designed for safely transporting engines by truck, train, air and sea. The engine is protected by a shock attenuation system between baseframe and cradle as well as by shock absorbing casters. For easy ground mobility during shop movement storable tow bars or a tugger interface is used. The engine change will be quick and easy by a simple split system between baseframe and cradle, or even quicker with HYDROs Cobra.

Technical Specification

Weight (empty)

1,642 kg

3,620 lbs

Dimensions unloaded (HxWxL)

1,245 x 2,464 x 4,023 mm

49 x 98 x 158 inch

Dimensions loaded (HxWxL)

2,515 x 2,464 x 4,770 mm

99 x 98 x 188 inch



Aircraft OEM Application
Airbus A220-100, A220-300


Engine OEM Application
Pratt & Whitney PW1500



  • VMI engine bag [P60437]
  • Standard engine bag [P60429]
  • GPS tracker Global Sentinel [GS-6L]


  • Spring loaded castors for easy manoeuvering and towing
  • Multiple shock absorbers protect the engine against shocks in any direction
  • Collapsible fork tube to avoid engine damage during forklifting & transportation
  • Engine stand can be lifted with or without engine / engine stand can be lifted loaded as well as unloaded
  • HYDRO’s COBRA engine change system ensures a fast engine change and minimizes operational failures and technical risks
  • Reduced costs through minimal downtimes
  • Universal COBRA adapter is available
  • Stowable tow-bars provide for safe towing
  • Maximum towing speed 5 km/h or 3 MPH
  • Cradle can be lifted out of the baseframe for easy bootstrapping
  • Integrated GPS holder
  • Front and rear towing capability
  • Retractable swivel castors, storable during transport
  • Integrated swivel tie-down rings


  • Approved & Licensed by Pratt & Whitney
  • Bootstrap & COBRA Engine Change System capable
  • Userfriendly & reliable operation
  • Ideal safety for engine storage and transportation
  • Shock dampers designed to absorb unwanted vibrations
  • Cost-effective and long-lasting
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