Engineered Solutions-Process Covering the whole life-cycle

Whether you need a detailed solution to optimize a sensitive maintenance task or the development of a complete production line, we provide the ideal answer. And thanks to our comprehensive process we capture the whole life-cycle of your engineered solution.

1. Requirement capture

Every project is unique. Therefore we focus on your special needs. Whether you have a clear vision and detailed specification or not – we assist you with a consulting approach, to define the requirements, to evaluate and to find alternative ideas.

2. Concept specification

Based on your requirements we provide your one or more possible basic concepts, focused on your needs. This concept specification includes a problem analysis with possible solutions, a general feasibility study, as well as first graphic presentations and rough product and process descriptions of the solution.

3. Development

We develop the solution in more detail together with you. We describe the hardware and its functionality and display it with more information and interfaces. Additionally we evaluate the surrounding processes. Usually this phase ends with the Preliminary Design Review (PDR).

4. Design

After agreement about the general solution we start with the design of the required hardware in 3D and 2D. We issue a risk analysis and a stress report. Additionally we set up the draft version of the documentation. In this phase the compliance with applicable norms and regulations will be checked and secured. Usually this phase ends with the Critical Design Review (CDR).

5. Manufacturing

We perform the manufacturing of all relevant project hardware together with our manufacturing partners. This includes all parts of physical assembly as well as automation and programming. We invite you to perform a customer acceptance after manufacturing of the project components. If required, the different elements of the project will be assembled at your facilities.

6. Commissioning

We take care that the delivered solution will be implemented smoothly into your existing process flow. This can be done in a one-stop action or serviced by us over a longer period.

7. Training

For all of our solutions we offer on-site training to guarantee a professional treatment of the delivered hardware.

8. Service

As part of a life cycle management we support you also after delivery of the Engineered Solution and offer long term service contracts to guarantee the trouble-free operation over years – no matter where the solution is operated.