A350 XWB Split Engine Stand Expert Training in China

We successfully organized an expert training on the A350 XWB Split Engine Stand (SES) at Sichuan Airlines (CSC) in Chengdu, China. CSC is one of the key Chinese airlines with some 140 aircraft in operation. China’s major airlines and MROs participated and were thrilled about the details of the Split Engine Stand, that keep their engines safe.

The training was organized as a salute to Sichuan Airlines and its celebrated hero, the captain of flight 3U8633. The carrier was on its way from Chongqing, China, to the Tibetan capital of Lhasa in May this year and experienced a “mechanical failure”. The flight was 30 minutes in the air when its front right windshield became detached, opening the cockpit to the atmosphere outside. Captain Liu Chuanjian made an emergency landing after his co-pilot had been 'sucked' halfway out of the window. He was hailed a hero and the whole crew were greatly appreciated by the whole Chinese nation.

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