For Rolls-Royce Trent XWB Split Engine Stand

The Split Engine Stand is essentially the only stand which can be used for air transport of the XWB engine in standard freighter aircrafts like B747F and B777F. Further it can be used for road transportation and it is the best option for Remote Site Rescue (RSR).

Product features

Trent XWB for transport in standard air-freighters

For transporting the XWB with a Split Engine Stand it is essential to split the engine in several parts. The different parts of the engine will be mounted on three stand components (core stand, fan case stand, and storage container), for safe transporting. With the split configuration the size of the different packages is reduced, to fit in standard freighter aircrafts like B747F or B777F. For securing the package in air freighters the Split Engine Stand is equipped with an airfreight pallet.

Time-saving on the road and on-site

For road transport it is not necessary to split the XWB Trent engine. The whole engine can be transported on a core stand. The Split Engine Stand is ready for bootstrapping of XWB engines on-site, but can also be used in combination with our COBRA-system. Integrated forklift tubes and forklift limiter allow a fast as well as safe maneuvering process.

Absorbers for protection

The Split Engine Stand is fully shock attenuated. The engine is isolated from any environmental vibration. This protects the Trent XWB from any damage


  • Air and road transportability
  • The only option for air-freighting of the Trent XWB in a Boeing 747F or B777F
  • Low-risk option
  • Compatible with COBRA-system
  • Applicable for Remote Site Rescue (RSR)