HYDRO UK Expands to Accommodate Growth and Enhance Customer Experience


Derby, UK - HYDRO UK, a leading provider of Airframe & Engine Tooling, Ground Support Equipment and Global Service is proud to announce its expansion to a new, state-of-the-art facility. With 96,000 sq/ft of space, this new facility is roughly a third larger than HYDRO UK's previous location, allowing the company to accommodate its growing customer demand and increase operational efficiencies.


The move brings the entire HYDRO UK team under one roof, fostering a collaborative work environment and enabling improved working practices. The new location is even closer to HYDRO UK's main customer, Rolls-Royce, reducing delivery charges and promoting sustainability initiatives.


This new facility features a range of modern amenities, including a reception area, canteen facilities, a large open-plan office for sales, engineering, purchasing, human resources, finance, and management, and operational areas for warehousing/logistics, paint shop, assembly area, machine shop, service, quality control, and engine stand refurbishment.


With a plan to expand the assembly areas and add new services, such as painting and proof loading of engine transportation stands, HYDRO UK is poised for continued growth and success. The company will require around 15 new staff and plans to continue hiring to support its expansion.


The facility is equipped with modern low wattage LED lights, energy-efficient heating systems, and a bespoke 7.5m wide roller shutter door, allowing HYDRO UK to bring in even the largest engine stands for assembly. With an eve height of over 10m, the new facility offers improved assembly capabilities and a safer work environment for employees.


HYDRO UK's General Manager Jonathan Farnfield, who was instrumental in the move, said, "I am privileged to see the end of one lease and the start of a new chapter in HYDRO UK's journey. I am incredibly proud of the UK team and their drive and passion to make this new facility the best it can be. With the full support of HYDRO HQ, we are looking forward to expanding our offerings and providing exceptional customer experiences in the coming years."


With the new facility fully operational, HYDRO UK is ready to drive growth, improve efficiency, and enhance the customer experience. The company looks forward to the next decade of growth and success.


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