Management Dear visitor,

One of the key success factors of managing a medium sized company like HYDRO has always been the direct involvement and accessibility of top management to what we call the voice of the customer. Our personal view is that there is simply no better way than the direct contact with customers.

In many cases it has proven the right way to just get down into the trenches to really comprehend what is going on and what needs immediate attention. Additionally we can assure you that this spirit is flown down from all of us in management and ownership to all of our employees.

With HYDRO we can personally assure you, you will have a strong partner who is not seeking short-term objectives, but who will be there to support you for decades to come. HYDRO started up in 1965 as a small engineering business in Biberach, a picturesque village in Germany’s Black Forest. Today more than 600 employees worldwide are always near to our customers.

A constant quest for improvement and close cooperation with our customers are important parts of our culture. HYDRO employees are people with a strong passion for customer satisfaction and entrepreneurial genes.

Yours sincerely,



Barbara Huttegger

Managing Partner




Thomas Elsner

Chief Executive Officer