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Boeing Tooling

Part# Description
17MIT65B04017 Protective cover, set
2ME65B00002 Wrench-spanner, Safety lanyard, Tie down
2MIT65B04011-41 Safety rig & Tow pin, NLG
4MIT65B80307-1 Protractor assy.-Control column
6ME65B00161-1 Locking bolt
6TE65B00114 Test fixture
A07001-11 Jack adapter
A07003-1 Jack adapter
A09003-2 Lockpin-Nose gear towing lever
A10002-9 Pole-R/I, Pitot static probe cover
A12001-14 Fuel sampling eqpt.
A20005-9 Clamping device
A21007-1 Hold-open device
A21007-2 Bar Assy
A27003-23 Securing clamp
A27019-8 Retaining tool
A27088-18 Link-Dummy, Trim actuator, Aileron
A27092-132 Actuator/Deactuator Set-Proximity Sensor
A27102-7 Adapter-L.E. Slat & T.E. Flap, Manual dr
A28008-8 Drain hose-Sump valve, Center auxiliary
A28012-1 Spanner wrench-Fuel sump drain valve
A32012-13 Wrench-Wheel retaining nut, MLG
A32014-1 Downlock-MLG
A32015-9 R/I Tool-Down lock, MLG & NLG
A32030-31 Lock-MLG door
A32032-65 R/I Sling eqpt.-MLG
A32045-114 Axle nut wrench assy.
A32069-7 Wrench adapter-Retainer nut, Anti-skid T
A32075-10 Adapter-Antiskid transducer spin-up
A32080-1 Brake disconnect-Flight Dispatch
A32097-1 Thread Protector, NLG Axle
A32098-1 Protective sleeve set
A32101-1 Wrench adapter-Axle nut, NLG
A34017-24 Test adapter kit-Pitot static continuity
A34017-35 Test adapter kit-Pitot static continuity
A34017-36 Test adapter kit-Pitot static continuity
A38001-68 Vacuum source-Vacuum waste system
A38006-1 Test tool
A49002-2 (CE) Lifting eye-Generators and starters
A78019-29 Hand pump-Opening system, Thrust reverse
B12004-1 Receptacle-Fuel sampling
B28001-18 Adapter-Sump drain valve, R/I
B28002-1 Screwed hose connection
B32001-4 Locking mechanism
B52004-1 Installation tool-Door seal
B71044-28 Adapter eqpt.-Load test, Pressure relief
B78001-2 Dispatch kit-T/R isolation valve (Ground
B78001-24 Lock-T/R isolation valve (Ground, Flyawa
C07002-1 Fitting-Wing jacking
C10002-9 Mooring eqpt.- NLG
C10006-1 Plug eqpt.-Engine exhaust, CFM Leap-1B
C10007-1 Plug eqpt.-Fan reverser, CFM Leap-1B
C10008-29 Mooring eqpt.-NLG
C12004-6 Spring- ballscrew lubrication attachment
C21009-1 Dispatch link-SRADA Stowage
C22005-22 Breakout box-Multipurpose, 100/124 Pin
C24002-78 Jack adapter-IDG
C24003-1 Tray assy.-Battery, R/I
C25002-1 R/I Tool-B737 BSI Ceiling panel
C26004-83 Test eqpt.-Engine fire extinguishing sys
C26007-78 Test eqpt.-CMPT Overheat detection (M237
C27008-22 Locking mechanism
C27022-1 Clamp set-Trailing edge flap torque tube
C27034-1 Sling eqpt.-Elevator R/I
C27038-6 Lockout pin, L.E. Cruise depressurizatio
C27042-1 Torque wrench eqpt.-Rudder PCU Attachmen
C27051-29 Lock set-LE Slat and Krueger Flap actuat
C27060-1 Measuring tool
C27066-1 Lock eqpt.-Aileron/Elevator PCU Input ro
C27069-20 Rigging eqpt.-Interlock valve cable, Gro
C27083-1 Rigging bar-Elevator tab
C27083-18 Rigging bar-Elevator tab
C27086-27 Spring R/I eqpt.-ELEV TAB Mechanism assy
C27097-1 Straightedge-Control wheel
C27107-1 Lock set-Flight spoiler actuator
C28002-9 Socket wrench adapter
C28013-3 Protective eqpt.-Protective ring for low
C28014-1 Test eqpt.-Engine fuel feed manifold
C29002-17 Test eqpt.-Rudder power control unit
C29005-1 Adapter-Tee, Standby hydraulic system te
C32011-7 Socket eqpt.-Brake disconnect valve
C32012-12 R/I eqpt.-Wheel retention nut, MLG & NLG
C32016-46 R/I eqpt.-NLG Lower seals
C32022-20 Thread protector eqpt.-NLG Axle
C32022-35 Thread protector eqpt.-NLG Axle
C32023-12 Wrench-Trunnion spherical bearing, MLG
C32026-15 Downlock eqpt.-NLG & MLG
C32031-22 R/I eqpt.-AFT Trunnion pin, MLG
C32040-6 Spanner wrench-NLG Steering collar retai
C32041-67 Extension eqpt.-NLG
C32059-1 Service Equipment - Gas Fill, MLG
C35001-38 Pressure Leak Test Eqpt
C35004-1 Pry bar eqpt.-Firing pin, PSU
C36001-63 Test eqpt.-Engine bleed air systems
C36001-64 Test eqpt.-Engine bleed air systems
C36002-1 Dispatch equipment, set
C36004-1 R/I eqpt.-Precooler, Engine on
C36006-1 Test eqpt.-Air supply control system
C38001-29 Drain mast plug-Waste water
C44001-55 R/I eqpt.-Lifting strap antennas/adapter
C49004-37 Sling eqpt.-APU
C49004-41 (CE) Lift fitting kit
C49006-1 Thread protector eqpt.-APU Mount bolts
C55009-1 Alignment tool-Fin installation
C56001-1 Socket set-Window latch torquing RH & LH
C57002-66 Sling eqpt.-R/I, Winglet
C57006-1 Holding fixture-Winglet XL Tool
C71004-1 Sling-Inlet cowl, CFM56-3 Engine
C71030-1 Proof Load Fixture - Bootstrap XL Tool
C71033-1 R/I Frame eqpt.-Inlet cowl, CFM Leap-1B
C71035-1 Safety lanyard-Personnel, Engine mainten
C71037-1 Support-Engine Anti-Ice Duct, CFM Leap-1
C71041-1 Unlock pole-Fan cowl hold open rods
C71043-1 Clamp set-Hold open rod
C78004-1 Lock pin eqpt.-T/R Translating sleeve, C
C78005-53 Hand pump-Opening system, Thrust reverse
C78006-1 Actuator lock assy.-T/R actuator CFM56-3
C78020-14 Latching tool-T/R C-Duct halves
C78021-1 65 Degree hold open eqpt.-T/R Cowl, CFM5
C78022-35 Sling eqpt.-Thrust reverser sleeve
C78023-1 Lock eqpt.-Thrust reverser actuator, CFM
C78023-13 Lock eqpt.-Thrust reverser actuator, CFM
C78031-1 Sling eqpt.-T/R opening, CFM LEAP-1B Eng
C78034-1 Hoist eqpt.-T/R Sleeve, CFM LEAP-1B Engi
C78035-1 Lock eqpt.-Thrust reverser opening actua
C78035-14 Lock eqpt.-Thrust reverser opening actua
C79001-1 Test eqpt.-Engine, Fuel/Oil, Pressure sw
F70038 Wrench assy.-Mechanism nut, Door handle
F70199-15 Protective cover
F70207-109 Kit-Rigging pin
F70207-139 Kit-Rigging pin
F70207-151 Kit-Rigging pin
F70308-15 Proof load tag
F70308-26 Proof load tag
F70336-1 Spanner wrench-Assist handle, Main entry
F70336-4 Spanner wrench-Assist handle, Main entry
F72735 Ground lock assy.
F72735-13 Ground lock assy.
F72790 Test fixture
F72913-10 Axle & Thread protector set-MLG, B737
F72913-8 Axle protector-MLG, B737
F72959-32 Spanner wrench-AN Standard type
F72959-35 Spanner wrench-AN Standard type
F72959-40 Spanner wrench-AN Standard type
F80033-8 Adapter assy.-Wrench, Hook spanner
F80049-66 Lock assembly-Flight controls
F80060-6 Jacking adapter-Aircraft
F80197-5 Tool kit
F80212-30 Adapter-Rudder pedal force check
F80229-52 Shorting plug assy.
F80229-59 Adapter cable assy.
F80229-69 Test eqpt.-Fire extinguishing system
G07005-1 Jack adapter
G10008-1 Plug
G27024-1 Clamping tool
G27057-1 Hold open lock-INBD Spoiler actuator
G29015-1 GFCI Tester-Hydraulic pump
G32007-7 Protector-Axle, WLG & BLG
G32048-41 Lock eqpt.-Door, BLG
G32051-1 Handle lock-WLG & BLG Doors, Ground rele
G32072-1 Lock Out Pin
G34002-1 Calibration eqpt.-Angle of attack sensor
G38002-2 Blanking plug, set
G38004-17 Blockage Removal Tool -Vacuum Lav System
G71038-13 Unlock pole eqpt.-Fan Cowl Hold open rod
G71038-17 Unlock pole eqpt.-Fan Cowl Hold open rod
G71045-1 Hoist assy 6 Ton (Harrington Hoist only)
G71045-3 Hoist assy 6 Ton (Harrington Hoist only)
G71048-1 Thread protector eqpt.-Engine mount & Th
G71051-1 Calibration kit-Load cell system
G76002-42 Protractor-T/R Lvers, FWD & REV
J07001-25 Jack adapter
J20003-34 Pin set-Rigging
J24014-24 GFCI Tester-Hydraulic, Jettison and Over
J24015-2 Pressure test eqpt.-Engine generators
J24015-23 Pressure test eqpt.-Engine generators
J24018-1 Hoist Adapter - IDG
J25014-1 Cover
J27005-64 Lock eqpt.-INBD/OUTBD, Spoiler actuator
J27079-38 Inspection eqpt.-Elevator freeplay
J28013-1 Fitting eqpt.-Fuel drain sump
J32001-68 Measuring eqpt.-Brake pedal
J32011-3 Downlock eqpt.-NLG & MLG
J32011-7 Downlock eqpt.-NLG & MLG
J32012-18 Extractor
J32028-1 Lock pin eqpt.-MLG & NLG Doors
J32028-2 Lock pin assy.-NLG Door
J32028-3 Lock pin assy.-MLG Door
J32032-22 Wrench eqpt.-Wheel retention nut, MLG
J32037-106 Spring R/I eqpt.-MLG & NLG
J32071-10 Safety pin
J32108-16 Drain eqpt.-Oleo strut, NLG/MLG
J46002-11 Fiber optic breakout box eqpt.
J52011-2 Safety barrier-Cargo doors
J52020-1 Safety guard net
J71005-85 Bootstrap eqpt.-PW Engines
J71032-15 Mat-Protective, Engine Inlet, GE & RR
J71072-5 Protector kit-Hinge lug, Fan cowl GE90-7
J78004-90 Hinge fittings
J78007-85 R/I eqpt.-Exhaust sleeve & FWD Plug
K05001-1 Extension cable-Brake release, MLG
K07003-15 Jack adapter
K07004-1 Jack adapter
K07005-1 Jack adapter, set
K10008-23 Blanking plug
K10011-1 Protective cover-Engine inlet, RR
K10012-14 Protective plug eqpt.-Engine exhaust, RR
K12003-1 Fill Tool
K20002-25 Personnel eqpt.-Shock absorbing lanyard,
K20009-14 Pin set-Rigging
K20014-1 Wrench-Battery enclosure, EE-Bay
K21004-85_CE Adapter eqpt.-Heat exchanger CE-Certifie
K21018-1 Dispatch eqpt.-Bypass assy., GCU & SCU
K21024-1 Dispatch deactivation kit-PPRV
K24001-1 Adjustment eqpt.
K24002-1 Dispatch eqpt.-Motor controllers
K25001-1 Lever-Stowage bin release
K27001-126 Rem/Instl Eqpt
K27003-1 (CE) ADAPTER
K27004-158 Lifting eqpt.
K27011-33 Dispatch eqpt.-Hydraulic spoiler actuato
K27011-47 Dispatch eqpt.-Hydraulic spoiler actuato
K27014-38 Gauge
K27017-46 Lock eqpt.-Spoiler hydraulic actuators
K27025-28 Sling eqpt.-OUTBD T.E. Flap, R/I
K27025-28_CE Hoisting Sling
K27035-1 Support rod
K27038-36 Lock-Rudder PCU
K27048-1 Dispatch eqpt.-Horizontal stabilizer tri
K27051-1 Measuring tool-EMA Position, Spoiler
K27051-10 Measuring tool-EMA Position, Spoiler
K27059-18 Dispatch eqpt.-Spoiler electro mechanica
K27061-1 Lock-out eqpt.-Spoiler electro mechanica
K27069-1 Adapter-Torque wrench, No back brake
K28001-1 Spanner wrench-Fuel sump drain valve
K28002-15 Drain fitting-Fuel system
K28004-30 Test device
K28008-1 Removal tool-Ground strap, Fuel quantity
K29002-78 Removal/Installation device
K29005-1 Dispatch Plug, Jumper
K29006-1 Crowbar-EDP V-Band installation, GENX
K32002-1 Protector eqpt.-Axle & Thread, NLG
K32016-1 Turnbuckle
K32020-1 Retainer eqpt.-MLG/NLG Torsion link
K32021-1 Dispatch eqpt.-Brake/EBA Connector cover
K32022-1 Wrench-NLG Wheel retention nut
K32028-2 Spanner wrench-Gland nut, NLG
K32036-1 Dispatch eqpt.-Axle RDC Connector covers
K32036-21 Dispatch eqpt.-Axle RDC Connector covers
K32037-1 Protector eqpt.-Axle, MLG
K32046-1 Sling eqpt.-SLG Actuator
K38001-1 Removal/Installation device
K38002-1 Dispatch plug-Vacuum waste toilet bowl
K47001-116 R/I eqpt.-NGS Air separation module
K47002-35 Test equipment
K49001-7 Thread protector eqpt.-APU Retention bol
K52002-133 Barrier-Passenger entry doors
K52009-1 Safety guard net
K52014-42 Tool kit-Cargo door rigging adjustment
K52030-1 Adapter-Manual drive, LCD
K55002-45 Lock assy.-Horizontal stabilizer
K55011-7 Latch release tool-Service access door
K71009-47_CE Sling-Fan cowl, GE CE-Certified
K71009-49 Sling-Fan cowl, RR
K71012-1 Connection
K78001-49 Change kit-T/R, GE GENX
K78006-1 Safety pin
K78009-1 Holding fixture
R/C-AOAC-2 Angle of attack cover
ST1742F Window Install & Removal tool
ST2580-418 Torque wrench-Spanner, Face type
ST921MA-4-7-33ALLP Plunger, size 7, 33 grip length, Protrus

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