For Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 All Purpose Stand

The All Purpose Stand is designed for air transport and road transport of the Trent 1000 engine. It allows air-freighting in a Boeing B747F or B777F and has a reduced footprint of one pallet size.

Product features

STC test certification

The APS has STC, a supplementary test certification. That means it is approved to use the standard floor locking system on freighter aircrafts. This allows a reduced foot print for airfreight by using the floor locks instead of tie down rings. The required space is reduced to one pallet size.

Roll capability of the engine

The roll capability of the stand reduces the overall height of the package. Therefore it allows the engine stand to go through the B747F and B777F cargo door. The complete engine roll is completed in less than 10 minutes with a power drill. Rolling may also be completed by manual power in cases where power is not available.

Easy handling

For a better accessibility during loading or unloading the trunnions can be folded away from the engine. Thanks to its dual wheel castors it’s easy to manoeuver and tow the APS.

Compatible with COBRA system

Using the COBRA engine change system doesn’t require additional cradles. You just move the engine stand under the aircraft wing and start the engine change.


  • Air and road transportability
  • Reduced airfreight costs due to the use of the floor locking system
  • Easy handling
  • Compatible with COBRA-system