Service Support Trailer (NBWBCT)

Service Support Trailer (NBWBCT)



Technical Specification

Length:3320 mm
Height:1913 mm
Width:1870 mm
Max. Pay Load:1000 kg

Basic Description

The Service Support Trailer has been designed to accommodate any two aircraft wheels (up to A380 size), one wheel and brake change dolly, one axle jack and a multitude of aircraft tooling.

Key features of the Service Support Trailer are:

  • fully enclosed

  • spring balanced ramp door 

  • towing arm with integral parking brake

  • internal work bench and stowage shelf

  • NATO towing eye (ø 76mm)

  • Heavy duty steel construction

  • Calibrated and Certified

  • CE Marked

Standard Options

  • Certified Nitrogen System (bottles not included)

  • Country compatible cylinder connections