RSR-Stand Trent 1000 (SG215-001)

RSR-Stand Trent 1000 (SG215-001)


  • RSR-Stand Trent 1000

Technical Specification

Max. Load:8150 kg
Length:1534 mm
Width:3175 mm
Height:1530 mm
Admissible operating temperature: 3 km/h

Basic Description

  • The engine stand is designed for bootstrap engine installation on -wing and local movement of the engine around the A/C

  • It is not allowed to use the stand for air- and road transportation

  • The stand is fitted with a 60,4" x 125" aluminium pallet and can be folded/disassembled to small size for air transportation in the cargo compartment of wide body A/C

  • The SG215-001 is specially designed for engine removals in emergency cases