Engine Transportation Dolly for CFM56-5A/B and V2500 (ED005-009)

Engine Transportation Dolly for CFM56-5A/B and V2500 (ED005-009)


  • Airbus A318 CFM56-5A/B

  • Airbus A319 CFM56-5A/B and V2500

  • Airbus A320 CFM56-5A/B and V2500

  • Airbus A321 CFM56-5A/B and V2500

  • Airbus A320neo Leap-1A

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Technical Specification

Max. Load:4000 kg
Length:6421 mm
Width:2753 mm
Height:770 mm
Distance I-beams:2286 mm
towbar eye diameter:80 mm
Max. admissible speed:5 km/h
Max. tire pressure:9 bar
Admissible operating temperature:-20°C to +60°C
Weight:1290 kg

Basic Description

  • The trailer is especially designed for ground transportations and bootstrapping of V2500, CFM56 and Leap-1A engines either in bare or QEC configuration installed on Airbus A320 family (90" Rail system)

  • Basically the engine transportation dolly consists of the following components:

  • Rigid steel frame

  • Fork Lift Tubes / Interface to COBRA

  • 2 axles, fitted with pneumatic tires

  • 1 axle steerable

  • Towbar

  • fixing brake

  • 90" rail system

  • Corrosion protection: Skydrol resistant colour yellow RAL 1028

  • 12 months warranty