For Rolls-Royce Trent XWB Whole Engine Stand

The Whole Engine Stand is designed for storage and road transport of Trent XWB engines. The air transport requires large freighters e.g. Antonov 124.

Product features

Absorbers for protection

Shock absorbers, shock absorbing and retractable castors, as well as a hydraulic leveling system isolate the engine from environmental vibration. They reliably protect the Trent XWB from any damage.

Time-saving and safe

The Whole Engine Stand is ready for bootstrapping of XWB engines. The local transport is time-saving and safe: Integrated forklift tubes and forklift limiter allow a fast as well as safe maneuvering process.

Flexible and comfortable

For road transport it is not necessary to split the engine. The Whole Engine Stand includes a tow-bar as well as rigging points. The trunnions can be safely stored in an integrated box. Optional lifting adaptor and a sling allow lifting and maneuvering of the stand either with or without an engine.


  • Optimal safety for storage, and for air and road transportability
  • No requirement to split the engine for road transport
  • Easy handling