Tool Upgrade Keeping your tools in tip-top shape

Our tool upgrade services guarantee that your tools will always be unrivaled in terms of quality and reliability.

Re-certification & calibration

As reliable as on the first day

With re-certification by our specialists, you can rest assured knowing that your HYDRO products will work as precisely and reliably as on the very first day even after years of use. Just take a look at our A – 0712 axle jack from 1966. Helvetic continued to use it on aircraft such as the Fokker 100 and Airbus A319 until May 2015.

Redefining precision

The one-of-a-kind reliability, safety, and quality of our products and system solutions are a result of our equipment’s precision: With the largest test stand in the entire world, we set industry standards in the area of reproducible tests under real-life conditions every single day.

Our service specialists make sure to calibrate complex systems multiple times, both remotely and on-site. In other words, you can always count on a level of safety and reliability that gives topmost priority to people, property, and work processes.


Regular maintenance ensures that your equipment will maintain its value in the long term and always be optimally ready for operation. And by relying on our service specialists, you will not only be benefitting from unparalleled know-how and expertise concerning your equipment and the maintenance it needs, but will also be giving your team the time it needs to focus on its actual work.

Repairs and overhauls

When you have a breakdown on your hands, you need a fast and professional response. That is where our service specialists, who can handle everything from simple repairs, to complete overhauls, to structural testing at our high-performance testing centers, come in.

Short response times, in-depth familiarity with technologies, and quick spare part availability all ensure that unexpected downtimes will be kept to an absolute minimum.

Because every single hour counts

30 years of experience with repairs and countless optimizations have led to a matchless repairs process characterized by:

  • A special supply chain for repairs and spare parts
  • Experienced and certified service technicians
  • Unrivaled engineering know-how
  • A worldwide logistics partner network
  • Help desk and AOG support
  • Worldwide management
  • Engine stand overhauls

Conversions and upgrades

In addition to routine repairs, we are also able to manage and perform conversions, upgrades, and even extensive overhauls to your existing equipment and installations.

Fast diagnostics, binding quotations, and parts provision in record times all ensure that downtimes are kept to a minimum. And thanks to structural tests at our specialized repair centers, we can guarantee maximum operational reliability after conversions and structural repairs as well.

"HYDRO supply a complete calibration, re-certification and support service for all our Lifting and Hoist equipment and have supplied all tooling for the continued support of our B767 fleet. Over the years Hydro have supplied a very professional service to DHL Air Ltd with a short turnaround on all items sent to their facilities."

Darren Birch

Interim Logistic Supervisor, DHL Air Ltd.

„I would just like to take the opportunity to let you know that we at appreciate all the work you have carried out over the last 12 months inspecting and calibrating all our tooling for the B757 and B737-800.
This tooling is now in regular use on all our C checks for this winter. You have done an outstanding job working to our tight time restrains against you.
I would also like to express my gratitude for all of the excellent work that you carry out for us. Your experience, product knowledge, and competence is an example of a truly efficiently well run and managed company.“

Mark Musselwhite

Senior Stores Supervisor (MHG), & Jet2holidays