Career start Ready for take-off?

Hydro Systems

Getting started as an apprentice
or college student

Whether you are graduating from high school or working on your college degree, HYDRO offers unparalleled opportunities for getting started with your career. Vocational training. Dual studies. You can rest assured knowing that your commitment will be repaid with first-class training and great prospects for a permanent position.

Extended benefits for apprentices and college students

  • An exciting orientation week
  • In-house courses, English courses, etc.
  • Training workshop with state-of-the-art machinery
  • Youth and Trainees Council (represents the interests of apprentices, trainees, and young team members within the company)
  • Regular outside events such as apprentice excursions, team training sessions, and workshops (e.g., cooking classes)
  • Individualized development
  • International exchanges and far-reaching projects

Looking for guidance?

If you are not yet sure where you want to take your career, you can simply make use of one of the many options we offer to come and try things out. Learn more about a manufacturing company in the aerospace industry by taking advantage of one or more of the following:

  • Holiday jobs
  • Girls’ Days
  • Career guidance and counseling in high school (BORS / BOGY)

Find out what your future can look like! Click on the link to apply for a career guidance and counseling spot.