B737 IglooMX® Fuselage Shelter

J.B. Roche - HYDRO partner product


The patent protected IglooMX® Fuselage Shelter is the ideal tool for fuselage repair Tasks.

This shelter can be “docked” to the damaged portion of the fuselage to create a fully controlled environment. It is also a very useful tool when any maintenance work is being undertaken in the cargo bay or for repairs around the door entry areas

The IglooMX® Fuselage Shelter is designed to provide a “hand-in-glove” fit against the fuselage. It is supplied with flexible fabric flanges that can be taped to the body of the aircraft to prevent any ingress of dust or moisture. A similar seal is created between the base tubes of the shelter and the ground.

Optional accessories include air-filtration, dehumidification and temperature control. Positive pressure control is also available if required. Ducts are provided as standard to cater for the necessary air-conditioning equipment.

A lighting kit is available on request; however, this is generally only required for night time work as the shelter fabric allows for very good light transmission.

In addition to composite repair work the fuselage shelter may be used for window repairs, paint work and aircraft livery.

These shelters feature specially designed fabrics that are both lightweight and tough, providing excellent abrasion and tear resistance. The unique materials are also fire retardant and resistant to hydraulic fluid and fuels, ensuring that they remain functional for many years.

The IglooMX® is supplied in a storage bag on wheels, making it easy to move around on the apron or in the hangar. In the unlikely event that the shelter becomes damaged while in use, an on-site repair kit is supplied as part of the package.

The IglooMX® kit can be inflated in under 5 minutes and deflated and stored away in approximately 20 minutes.

Technical Specification

Dimensions inflated (maximal) 6,50m x 5,40m x 5,70m
Dimensions stored 140cm x 120cm x 100cm
Packaged Weight 172kg
Temperatures Ranges

Can be used from -30° to +70°C (-22°F to +158°F)

Inflation Device 2 H.P. Electric Blower
Power Supply 110V 60Hz or 220V 50Hz odels available



Suitable for use on all B737 MAX and NG Aircraft models


  • Air-Conditioning
  • Air-filtration package
  • Lighting Set on tripods
  • Dehumidifier
  • Water filled Ballast Bag Kit


  • Installation Crew: 4 Persons
  • Inflation Time: 5 Minutes
  • Folding and re-packing time: 20 Minutes
  • Strong but lightweight for easy handling
  • Fire Retardant and resistant to Fuels, Oils and Hydraulic Fluids
  • Unique patented design
  • Can withstand windspeeds of up to 25 Knots
  • 20 year proven track record with leading airlines, airframers and MRO’s


  • Can be branded with airline logo
  • No previous training required
  • Provides privacy from passengers during maintenance
  • Can be powered using a 5kVA Generator
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