Test stand with a capacity of 25 metric tons for THAI Maintenance

Thai Airways is the flag carrier airline of Thailand. Formed in 1988, THAI is a founding member of the Star Alliance and flies to 84 destinations in 37 countries, using a fleet of over 90 aircraft. Among Asia-Pacific carriers, the company has one of the largest passenger operations in Europe. Their own Maintenance Centre is ranked as one of the finest in Asia, providing a full range of maintenance services including certified Heavy Maintenance (D-checks) or complete aircraft overhaul. THAI maintenance provides service in four hangars located at Don Mueang Airport, Bangkok.


Annual checks of their tools keep them safe and ensure a long tool life-time. That’s why THAI Maintenance decided to have their own active test stand at their Don Mueang Airport maintenance location. “Active” means that the test stand generates a force through a hydraulic system to apply proof load tests on various tools and ground support equipment. The test stand has a capacity of 25 metric tons compression and 15 metric tons tension. It easily met the 125% load over 5 minutes at the final acceptance test before delivery in Germany.

Find out more about the largest proof load test stand in the world, with up to 350 metric tons vertical load:

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