Partnership with TEST-FUCHS renewed

During this year’s inter airport in Munich, HYDRO announced that its successful partnership with TEST-FUCHS had been renewed for another five years.


Accordingly, TEST-FUCHS will continue to rely on HYDRO’s distribution network and the proven satisfaction of HYDRO’s customers worldwide. “For us at TEST-FUCHS, it’s important for our high-quality products to be distributed by a partner with extensive know-how and proven results,” says Volker Fuchs, owner and CEO of TEST-FUCHS.


TEST-FUCHS products such as hydraulic ground power units (HGPU) perfectly complement the range of Ground Support Equipment provided by HYDRO. “TEST-FUCHS products enable us to offer our customers an even wider and more complete portfolio in the area of GSE,” HYDRO CEO Peter Prinz adds. “And needless to say, the reason we’ve been so successful within this context is that we have a strong foundation of trust and long-term collaboration that underpins our work together.”


The partnership between HYDRO and TEST-FUCHS has existed for over ten years as of this writing.

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