Next generation of EJAL electronic jacking and levelling system introduced

The EJAL appeared on the market in 1987. MBB, today part of Airbus Germany, was sold on the system as the first customer. They were followed by many more customers. A new generation was developed especially for the A380 in 2004. More than 300 EJAL systems have been delivered to customers worldwide to date.


Another new generation of EJAL was developed for use with the new TJ Series tripod-jacks. Numerous customers were surveyed to bring usability to a new level. The result?

  • The operator panel was slimmed down to the main functions and became cleaner. Additional functions that are rarely used can now be accessed using an enlarged 9" color touchscreen display.
  • The operator is taken by the hand and led step-by-step through the lifting process. This is significantly safer in terms of the process and the application and represents an increase in usability.
  • The components have been standardized. With little effort, the system can now be adapted to the requirements of, for example, the German and the American markets.
  • The newest network technology is used to provide communication between the operator console and the tripod-jack. It is considerably easier and more reliable to exchange data on diagnostics, maintenance or status.


The next expansion stages are already being planned. In the future, it will also be possible to access the user manual on the color display or to perform an electronic lifting height measurement.




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