Multiple Final Assembly Line for Indonesian Aerospace

PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI), also known as Indonesian Aerospace, is one of the local aerospace companies in Asia with core competences in aircraft design and development, aircraft structure manufacturing, aircraft production, and aircraft services for both civilian and military aircraft. Since established in 1976, as a state owned company in Bandung, Indonesia, PTDI has successfully developed and grown its capability as an aerospace industry. In the field of aircraft manufacturing, PTDI has been producing various types of aircraft, such as license build CN235 for civil or military transport. In total, PTDI has delivered nearly 400 aircrafts to 50 operators worldwide.


After delivering a first assembly jig in 2014 to PTDI, HYDRO successfully delivered an aircraft assembly platform for the manufacturing of the CN235 as well as C212 model. The challenging issue behind it: These two aircraft have nothing in common, but need to be manufactured on one single platform. The project covered all steps of our Engineered Solutions process, and provided Indonesian Aerospace with a complete package. From the first appointment up to the project completion with everything out of one hand: Concept specification, development, design, manufacturing and implementation, all in line with international project management methods. We brought in the know-how that we have from our long-standing experience of more than 30 years. This included for instance tripod-jacks specialized for FALs, as well as lifting platforms to access the different sized engines and aircraft tails.


The project had been completed in less than 12 months, 2 weeks before the agreed delivery date with passing the final acceptance and fit check in the first attempt.

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