Inflatable aircraft shelters from JB Roche – Training for HYDRO sales team

JB Roche is the world’s most advanced supplier of ready to go inflatable shelters. Since 2018 HYDRO is the global distributor for JB Roche shelters.


JB Roche design and manufacture a unique range of patented inflatable Aircraft Maintenance shelter solutions for AOG situations and routine maintenance tasks. The IglooMX® range of shelters are lightweight, portable and easily set-up. By encapsulating the area of work on the aircraft, they provide an instant, safe and climate controlled outdoor working environment at the site. This allows engineers to complete any job without delay, at any location and without the need to move or hangar the aircraft.
Recently HYDRO global sales members have been trained at the HYDRO headquarters in Biberach, Germany, on the assembly and disassembly of the IglooMX® shelters. The time-lapse video shows both processes for the wide-body shelter model for A350, B777, B787, A330, and A300/A310 application.

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