Engine shelter warehouse to cover US east coast for winter season

Weather conditions at the US east coast can traditionally be strong in winter. Airlines have to face harsh conditions especially around December till March. In case an AOG comes up they have to react quickly to bring the aircraft back to service as soon as possible, to keep interruptions as short as possible.

Engine shelters provide airlines as well as MRO’s, to protect workers and sensitive equipment from bad weather conditions. They can quickly and easily create a safe, enclosed, controlled work environment. Engine shelters save money by reducing downtime involved in moving aircraft from the ramp to the hangar whilst providing a simple solution for aircraft recovery tasks. The time necessary for emergency maintenance can be reduced significantly.

There is a local stock of engine shelters for all wide-body aircraft as well as all narrow-body aircraft from the E-Jet up to A320 available at the service-center in Washington D.C. With this local stock the whole US east coast is covered for any AOG incident. The shelters can be delivered at the same day across the whole US east coast, without any customs processing. Also a supervisor can be on-site in less than 24h.

Learn more about the engine shelters from JB Roche available in Washington D.C.

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