Dnata trusts in new tow-bar ready for all wide-body aircraft

It’s no secret that having to have multiple, extensive storage areas with an extremely wide variety of tow-bars is both costly and time-consuming. The new TOWUNIV8 model is designed to fix that by covering all wide-body aircraft with a completely new approach that works with a range of models going from the A330-200 all the way to the B787-10. And while previous tow-bar models that covered multiple aircraft needed to have their shear pins changed every time, the new model simply needs the position of the locking mechanism at the tow head to be changed. And on top of that, making this change does not require any additional tools.

Dnata already has two of the new TOWUNIV8 tow-bars in use since February 2019 at Dubai DXB airport. “They have been performing very well thanks to their flexibility in service for aircraft ranging from A350 to B777/787”, says Robert Powell, VP Technical Services dnata. “We’re very satisfied with the technical support and service we have received from HYDRO during and after the warranty period”.

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