The GE Customer Technical Education Center (CTEC), located just outside Cincinnati, Ohio, provides technical training to customer mechanics, powerplant engineers, GE employees and other representatives on a daily basis to help ensure fleet reliability.
More than 4,000 customer students pass through the doors of CTEC each year. CTEC employs a staff of world-class engine training experts who deliver not only technical training, but also real world application instructions for each of the GE and CFM engine programs.


The latest GE9X engine arrived at CTEC Technical Education Center at the end of May. It is being installed for its first customer training class scheduled for November.
GE9x is the heaviest aircraft engine on the market and works with the HYDRO COBRA engine change system. It is now on its way to GEs training center. Together with the newly developed lightweight GE9x shop stand this will give all students the chance to experience this economic, safe and highly efficient solution for engine maintenance. The COBRA has been designed to ensure a safe and fast engine change to minimize operational failure and technical risks. Having this extremely powerful and flexible system available at CTEC will be a benefit for all GE engine customers. The COBRA capable GE9x shop stand allows long range towing up to 5 mph with pneumatic tires and maintenance platforms which will allow light shop maintenance.

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