Picture: HYDRO China team at the Beijing location

China’s international air transportation has experienced tremendous growth and major reforms over the past two decades. Chinese now travel by air more than ever before, and more than 500 million travelers pass through China’s airports each year. Within three years, according to IATA, it will be the world’s biggest market, carrying some 1.3 billion passengers a year. Before the Corona pandemic aviation experts forecasted that China will need more than 7,400 new aircraft in the next 20 years.


HYDRO early began to see this development and established a sales office in Beijing in July 2000. This was the beginning of a significant growth of HYDRO on the Chinese market. Today all major Chinese airlines including China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, and Air China trust in the high quality products from HYDRO. The brand “HYDRO” standing for quality, longevity and user-friendliness, has been successfully established in the Chinese market since years now.


This significant milestone is the foundation for further success in the Chinese market in the future.


Picture: HYDRO China team at the Tianjin location

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