10 years of HYDRO Engineering at our Hamburg location

Ever since the 90s, the waterfront area of Hamburg has been undergoing a transformation into a technology and research hub, and the HYDRO location has grown right along with it. In fact, HYDRO started in 2008 with two team members and today, ten years later, customers from all over the world depend on the unrivalled expertise of the grown team at the location. At the beginning of 2018 the location moved into a new building. The office is located in the middle of a neighborhood that is redefining itself between tradition and modernity, where the beautiful history of the port coalesces with high tech and cobblestone meets stainless steel.

The team at Hamburg is engaged in the integral development of solutions. As a crucial part of our global Engineering network it offers custom designs through a process that goes from an idea, through consulting, development, design engineering, and documentation, all the way to production and commissioning with the use of internationally accepted project management methods.

What has been reached so far?

Over 40 tool development projects for the A400M have been covered. Just under 1,000 engineering projects within the scope of the general agreement for the Airbus MSG-3 project were handled from the Hamburg Engineering location. Additionally the team worked on approx. 250 development projects that resulted in custom fixtures for our customers.

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