FAL Airbus A400M (Station 35)

The challenge:

Assembly docking station for the Airbus A400M


The customer:

Airbus Defence and Space


The solution:

In addition to the delivery of several installation items for the engine and the landing gears of the Airbus A400M, we developed the Airbus A400M assembly docking station 35. This dock includes complex and movable accesses to all areas of the aircraft. To guarantee a fast docking process, major dock elements are placed on a rail system on the hangar floor and smaller dock elements are placed on rails on top of bigger elements.

Hangar size: 60 x 70 m, floor surface 2,100 m², steel structure: 340 metric tons

This assembly docking station shows various integrated solutions including scissors, lifts, platforms and crosswalks for the Airbus A400M assembly.


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