Innovation From an idea to a solution

In today’s world, competition is not just global, but also tough as nails. That is why our uniquely innovative products and services are so important: By bringing our unique selling propositions to light, they help secure our leading place in the world of technology. Of course, it is also important to remember that successful marketing is what makes an idea an innovation.

This strict focus on the future needs of the market defines our efforts to remain at the forefront of the industry in terms of innovation. Because of this, we have set up an innovation process that takes full advantage of the synergistic effects available to us when we make use of the innovative capacity of every single one of our team members.

Innovation management

Our innovation management approach is focused on a clear strategic product goal: We develop innovative system-solution-oriented equipment with a high degree of automation that is easy and intuitive to use. This way, we significantly improve process reliability, user friendliness, and the customer value of new product generations.

Needless to say, technological leaps of this magnitude are only possible with an innovation management approach that conforms to the strictest possible standards in terms of both research and development.


The only way for us to develop custom-tailored innovations with added value that leave users hungry for more is to be truly familiar with the ins and outs of our customers’ processes and to understand their specific needs. This is why our innovation management approach attaches enormous importance to working closely together with key customers in a variety of areas extending from joint data acquisition and a precise process analysis all the way to development alliances.

In addition, we are constantly conducting goal-oriented technological research in order to keep expanding our technical know-how. This results in a modular technology kit of sorts that provides us with hardware and software architectures for an extremely wide range of applications. And to ensure that our technical information is available to all product developers, we use an advanced knowledge platform and provide our team members with the necessary training.


As part of a series of large development projects, we are currently creating a number of sophisticated and innovative products that will conquer the market in the coming years.

Industrial property rights

By applying for the corresponding patents and other industrial property rights, we are making sure we retain our technological lead. Moreover, we complement this approach with an internal incentive system that is designed to motivate all team members to proactively develop and submit ideas for innovation.