Ground Support Equipment


We stand for ultimate precision in Ground Support Equipment (GSE) support. Our passion for precision doesn‘t just refer to precision in every detail, it means that we precisely provide products that are fully aligned to the needs of OEMs, airlines and maintenance facilities around the world.

Before we launch a new product, it has been rigorously tested in harsh operating conditions. We set the standards with our uncompromising safety, total functionality, reliability, longevity and user-friendliness. That‘s why professionals trust in our products.

Facts and Figures


36,000 testing cycles

for our new tow-bar hand pump

inclination accuracy:


with our EJAL tripod-jack positioning system

time savings:

70 %

with our COBRA engine change system compared to bootstrapping


9 h

for complete Trent1000 engine change with our COBRA engine change system



First tripod-jack sold


3,000 +

GSE products in our portfolio



axle-jacks of the new RT-design sold since 2002

Why choose HYDRO GSE equipment?


We ensure the operational safety of our GSE equipment with the following measures:

  • In-house proof load testing of all HYDRO GSE equipment up to 350 metric tons
  • Fully aligned to OEM and customer requirements
  • Batch tracking of all axle-jack cylinders
  • Impact test specimen
  • Type examination


We ensure the robustness of our GSE with the following tests:

  • Climatic tests
  • Field tests
  • Salt spray tests
  • Driving tests
  • FEM analyzes


We have the best conditions for extreme precision:

  • Highest tolerance requirements
  • Standardized production process


Expect product quality without any compromises and a long product service life. Goods from our suppliers as well as goods manufactured in-house are quality proven. We develop and produce according to norms and standards.

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Ground Support Equipment

In Stock

We have a wide variety of products in stock, to minimize lead times to our customers.


Our tripod-jacks are the best solution for a safe and extremely efficient maintenance.


Customers worldwide trust in the outstanding quality of our aircraft towing and pushback equipment.


Flexible configuration and compatible with all of today’s commercial and military aircraft: that’s our axle-jacks.

Landing Gear Change Equipment

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Engine Change Equipment

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Service Carts

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Hydraulic Ground Power Unit

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Other products

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