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The engine is the heart of each aircraft and has to be maintained and overhauled strictly. We offer you economic and highly efficient system solutions for your engine maintenance, customized on your requirements. Our innovative engine maintenance equipment is compatible with all of today’s commercial and military aircraft.

Safety and quality have the highest priority. With over half a century of experience in the aircraft industry and a strong passion for precission, we are the single source for maintenance, repair and assembly of civil and military aircraft.


  • OEM approved
  • Universal application
  • Short amortization period
  • Easy operation
  • Cost saving
  • Space saving
  • On-site service

Engine change equipment

COBRA - Engine change system

COBRA has been designed to ensure a fast engine change and to minimize operational failure and technical risks. This offers you tremendous benefits by reducing your costs through minimal aircraft downtimes.

Engine transportation stand

Safeguarding your valuable engine assets requires a whole chain of events to be carefully managed. This is done simplest with our engine transportation stand at the very heart of your operation. Over the years, HYDRO has set the standard for safe engine transportation stands.

Engine Pedestals

Our Engine Pedestal Sets (EPS) are used for storing engines when an engine transport stand is not required or not available. Pedestal stands also allow convenient access to the engine in comparison with standard transport stands. Our multi-purpose systems can be used for various engine types from different engine manufacturers, by easily changing the engine adapter kit.

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