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Products and Services

Explore HYDRO Systems KG's comprehensive range of products and services, from turnkey systems to specialized ground support equipment and tooling. Discover how our global presence across strategic locations supports your operational needs efficiently.

Image Brochure

This guide is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of our innovative solutions and services that cater to both civil and military aerospace sectors. Discover how HYDRO can support your operations with precision-engineered products and tailored services.






Airframe & Engine Tooling

Airbus Airframe Tools

An overview of HYDRO's Airbus Airframe Tools, featuring a range of hydraulic tools and equipment specifically designed for Airbus aircraft. This guide includes detailed specifications and applications to support your aircraft maintenance needs.

Airframe and Engine Tooling

Learn about HYDRO's advanced airframe and engine tooling solutions, designed to meet the rigorous standards of aerospace manufacturing and maintenance with precision and reliability.






Engine Transportation

All Purpose Stand

Explore the capabilities of HYDRO's Trent 1000/7000 All Purpose Stand (APS) for engine transportation in our brochure. This resource highlights the APS’s versatility across various transportation modes and its compatibility with different engine types, ensuring secure and efficient handling throughout the engine's lifecycle.

GE9X Brochure

This brochure details our specialized stands designed for the safe, efficient handling and transportation of the world’s most powerful commercial aircraft engine, the GE9X. Learn about our focus on safety and cost-efficiency through innovative design.

PW1500 Stand

This stand supports Pratt & Whitney's PW1500G engines for the A220 aircraft, emphasizing ease of use, safety, and durability. Learn about its shock absorption features, compatibility with various transport modes, and quick engine change capabilities with the COBRA system.






Engineered Solutions


Explore HYDRO's Engineered Solutions brochure, which offers comprehensive solutions for OEMs and MROs to enhance manufacturing processes and equipment flexibility. This document outlines how HYDRO's services cover the entire lifecycle of tailored solutions, from concept and design to manufacturing and service, ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budget.






Ground Support Equipment

Intelligent Lifting System (ILS)

Explore the capabilities of the HYDRO Intelligent Lifting System (ILS) Recovery Jack, an all-around aircraft recovery solution designed for safety and efficiency. This system ensures minimal secondary damage to aircraft during recovery operations by measuring and recording all forces involved.

Axle-Jack Catalogue

HYDRO Axle-Jack Catalogue for a range of robust, efficient, and easy-to-operate jacks suited for various aircraft, from narrow to wide-body. These jacks are designed for maximum safety and durability, ensuring optimal performance for ground support operations.

COBRA Brochure

The HYDRO COBRA Universal Engine Change System, designed for efficient and safe engine maintenance across both commercial and military aircraft. This innovative system supports fast engine changes, significantly reducing operational downtime and maintenance costs.

COBRA Datasheet

The HYDRO COBRA Engine Change System features robust performance with a nominal capacity of 16.3 tons, adjustable for precise engine handling. Ideal for efficient, safe aircraft engine maintenance.

COBRA Facelift

Explore the HYDRO COBRA System and its latest Facelift, an enhanced universal engine change system for both commercial and military aircraft, designed to improve efficiency and safety while minimizing operational downtime and maintenance costs.

Engine Stand Pedestal Sets (EPS)

HYDRO's Engine Pedestal Sets (EPS), offering universal application across various engine types with just an adapter change. Efficient, space-saving, and designed to cut costs by minimizing storage needs and enhancing adaptability.

FortEvo N-Series Tripod-Jacks

The HYDRO FortEvo N-Series tripod-jacks, engineered for narrow-body aircraft with customizable configurations to meet specific maintenance needs, ensuring safe and efficient operations with options like the EJAl control system for synchronized jacking.

Load Limiter [30 t/300 kN]

HYDRO Universal Load Limiter, designed for loads from 0.3 to 30 tons, features mechanical load release, strain gauge dynamometer for precise measurement, and a radio-controlled handheld receiver for monitoring, ensuring high operational control and safety.


The MLGTMULTI-1 is a versatile and cost-effective trolley designed for the efficient maintenance of both main and nose landing gears of various narrow-body aircraft. This system uses interchangeable adapter frames for different aircraft models, ensuring adaptability and reducing costs and space requirements.

RA Axle-Jack Brochure

The RA Axle-Jack offers high efficiency and versatility for aircraft maintenance. Designed to last, it supports both narrow and wide-body aircraft and features large castors for easy maneuverability across different surfaces. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, this axle-jack combines robust construction with easy operability.

RC Axle-Jack Brochure

The RC Fly-Away Axle-Jack is designed for performance and reliability in aircraft maintenance, featuring portability without sacrificing functionality. Suitable for both narrow and wide-body aircraft, it enhances maintenance capabilities anywhere, anytime.

TJB - Tripod-Jack

Advanced tripod-jacks designed specifically for business aviation. These jacks combine over fifty years of HYDRO's engineering excellence with the highest safety standards to facilitate efficient and safe maintenance operations. Ideal for a variety of business aircraft, the TJB series ensures robust performance with user-friendly features and optional innovative technologies, providing customized solutions for specific maintenance needs.

Tow-Bar Catalogue

Featuring a range of high-quality aircraft towing and pushback equipment designed to meet the specific requirements of various aircraft manufacturers. These tow-bars offer user-friendliness, quick adaptability, and are engineered for both precision and durability.






Military Brochures

KC-46 Product Portfolio

Explore the HYDRO KC-46 Pegasus product range designed for helicopters and aircraft, featuring uncompromised safety, total functionality, reliability, longevity, and user-friendliness.

F-15 Product Portfolio

Explore the HYDRO F-15 Eagle product range designed for aircraft, featuring uncompromised safety, total functionality, reliability, longevity, and user-friendliness.

PC-21 Product Portfolio

Explore the HYDRO PC-21 product range designed for trainer aircraft, featuring uncompromised safety, total functionality, reliability, longevity, and user-friendliness.

F-16 Product Portfolio

Discover the HYDRO F-16 Fighting Falcon range, offering tailored solutions for production, maintenance, and service of aircraft.

F-35 Product Portfolio

This brochure features standard tow-bars and pneumatic tripod-jacks, tailored to meet production, maintenance, and service needs.

AH-64 Product Portfolio

HYDRO AH-64 Apache range, offering specialized axle-jacks tailored to meet the rigorous demands of helicopter maintenance. These products are engineered for reliability, safety, and ease of use, ensuring long-term service and optimal functionality in maintenance operations.

CH-47 Product Portfolio

Explore the HYDRO CH-47 Chinook range, featuring robust tripod-jacks designed for helicopter maintenance.

C-130 Product Portfolio

The HYDRO C-130 Hercules range, featuring dedicated towing and maintenance solutions, including standard and fly-away tow-bars and a variety of axle-jacks.






Service Brochures

Engine Stand Refurbishment

HYDRO's Engine Stand Repair (ESR) services, designed to extend the service life and ensure full functionality of your engine transportation stands. As an official Rolls-Royce ESR licensee, HYDRO offers global service-center presence and delivers services such as repair, refurbishment, and recertification for various engine stands, ensuring compliance with all standards and regulations.

Loan Equipment

The Loan Equipment service, designed to meet urgent and diverse tooling needs for aircraft maintenance. This service is ideal for situations where companies face unexpected demands, equipment failures, or maintenance delays.

Proof Load Test Fixtures

HYDRO's Proof Load Test Fixtures, designed to ensure the reliability and accuracy of your ground support equipment (GSE) such as tripod-jacks and axle-jacks. These fixtures come equipped with load cells, adapter pieces, and testing software, offering the ability to perform on-site testing and immediate certification.

Service Brochures

HYDRO Service, offering over 50 years of expertise with a global presence across 11 service centers. They provide a comprehensive range of services, including proof-load testing and full service management, ensuring that your equipment maintains operational readiness with minimal downtime.