Benefits With us, extended benefits come as standard

Our customers are at the center of everything we do. However, it goes without saying that our products and services would not be possible if it were not for our team. This is why one of our overriding goals is to take proactive measures that can help you stay healthy and happy.

Our occupational health management approach

Four pillars

Health is our most important asset. Accordingly, we have developed a preventive medical care program that is built on four pillars: diet, balance, teamwork, and the workplace. For you, this translates into greater safety, quality of life, and happiness.

We make sure that working conditions and the ergonomics at your work area are ideal in order to prevent injury and other medical problems. And you can also participate in one of the many weekly sports groups that are part of our occupational health management program in order to balance out your day-to-day work.

Unrivalled commitment

Our occupational health management program was recognized twice by the Institute for Corporate Values in 2017: first with the “Healthy Companies” seal and then with the “Germany’s Most Active Companies of 2017” award.

Good made better

Continuous improvements to our program have led us to create Fit@HYDRO. The goal? To promote health within the company, help our team members achieve the work–life balance they want, and raise awareness of the fact that it is better to stay healthy than to try and fix health issues later on.

Some of the elements of Fit@HYDRO include:

  • Daily fresh fruit
  • Water dispensers and a personalized water bottle for each team member
  • Sports offerings such as Nordic walking, mountain biking, and running groups
  • Presentations and join-in activities focusing on diet, improved sleep, back health, communication, and quitting smoking

In addition, we offer you …

working hours

We know that there will be occasions when you may need to take time off in order to address private matters, which is why we have a flextime model that provides both our team members and the company with the ability to plan things in such a way that everyone’s needs are met.

retirement planning

We make employer contributions to your retirement plan and offer in-house consultations with specialists in order to help you prepare for your future.


The range of advanced training offerings at the HYDRO Academy includes products, the company, and foreign languages as topics. Moreover, we offer structured human development offerings, management programs, and attractive internal career opportunities.


Our food oasis HYDROASE at our Biberach location caters to its guests with delicious and healthy food with zero flavor enhancers and fair prices so that you can enjoy your break.

vacation time

We believe that Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve should be spent with one’s family and friends, which is why HYDRO team members can take these days off without this affecting their vacation time.

The little
details matter

Milestone birthdays, retirements, work anniversaries, and graduations from an apprenticeship or university – these are all important events, and we always make sure to show our appreciation on them, as little details are what keep friendships alive.


We are here to help you find the right balance between your family and your work. That is why we have the Fliegerkiste daycare center at our Biberach location. The daycare center is open from 7 AM to 6 PM the whole year and can take in children between the ages of six months and 12 years. HYDRO subsidizes half of the cost, and there is no enrollment fee.

A little background for reference: HYDRO Systems KG, Karl Knauer KG, and the Biberach municipality founded the Fliegerkiste daycare center in 2010 as the first, and to date only, joint project between two family businesses and a municipality in Germany.

For more information about the Fliegerkiste daycare center