Ground Support Equipment Axle-jacks

Our wide range of innovative axle-jacks covers all of today’s commercial and military aircraft. The consistent modularity allows them to be configured to your specific requirements.

Safety and “Made in Germany” quality have the highest priority. That’s why our axle-jacks, regardless of the capacity, are designed for outstanding robustness.
Every product is tested with 10% side load capability and 150% proof load. Even in harsh environmental conditions, our axle-jacks perform their maintenance service on aircraft tires, wheels and brakes.

Your benefits?

  • Safety, quality and durability “Made in Germany”
  • Long service life
  • CE marking
  • Robust and proven design
  • Easy maneuvering due to optimized undercarriage
  • Best handling and extremely easy to repair because of the modular design and available spare parts
  • Documented verification for each manufacturing step for each part
  • At least 10 years of spare part availability
  • On-site service


RT – New type

RT axle-jacks have been developed according to the latest state of technology. Our RT axle-jacks with a wide range of 45 up to 150 metric tons have a compact and robust design for the most common narrow-body and wide-body aircraft types.

RC – Compact Type

RC axle-jacks have a compact and modular design. These axle-jacks are available as standard and fly-away versions with a capacity from 16 to 90 metric tons.

RH – Hand-carry type

RH axle-jacks are our smallest axle-jack product family. The hand-carry type axle-jacks are available with a capacity from 4 to 15 metric tons.

RS – Special type

RS axle-jacks are not typical axle-jacks for wheel service but are mainly used for helicopter lifting. The RS axle-jacks are available from 3 to 20 metric tons.

RL – Cantilever type

RL axle-jacks have been specifically designed for recovery maintenance tasks. The key feature of the RL axle-jack is the extremely low lifting point. The RL axle-jacks are available with a capacity ranging from 6 to 100 metric tons.

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