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Job openings

We are currently looking both for committed professionals and people who are getting started with their careers in the following areas. If none of these job openings match your profile, we would still like to receive your unsolicited application!

Apprentice­ships and dual studies

Whether you are graduating from high school or working on your college degree, HYDRO offers unparalleled prospects for a permanent position.


Are you looking for new challenges, exciting prospects, and a broad range of career opportunities in the aerospace industry? Then join us and take the next step in your journey!

Unsolicited application/
career guidance and counseling

If none of our job openings match your profile, or if you feel that you are still figuring out what you want your career path to be like, contact us anyway. You may be pleasantly surprised at the options that come up!

Internship for students

Take advantage of internships or bachelor’s / master’s theses to become more familiar with the professional experience associated with a manufacturing company in the aerospace industry.

Tips when you apply with HYDRO

Your documents

If you find a job opening that matches your profile, make sure to send us your application directly under the job description. So that we can get to know you as well as possible in advance, please send us your application, ideally stating your salary expectations (gross annual salary), your possible starting date or period of notice and, if applicable, your willingness to relocate if you do not already live in the region.

Your job interview

The thing that is most likely to benefit both sides in a job interview is to be well prepared. Accordingly, we especially look forward to meeting job candidates who have done their research regarding HYDRO and the job for which they are applying. If you identify with our company values of appreciation, trust, courage, and loyalty and know how you can bring your strengths to bear, then you are already perfectly prepared.

Our selection process in detail

After being shortlisted, you will have in-person interviews and sometimes phone interviews with representatives from the relevant departments and from HR. The first interviews will focus on getting to know you as a person. If everything goes well, there may be a second interview in which we clarify detailed questions regarding the job you applied for and the final general conditions.

Our selection process in detail

1. We receive your application

As soon as we receive your application, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. This way, you can be sure that we will look at your documents.

2. You submit any missing documents

If we need additional documents from you, we will let you know by e-mail.

3. You receive an invitation

If we find that your application matches our needs, we will invite you to an interview. You will receive this invitation by e-mail.

4. Your application is rejected

If your application is unsuccessful, we will of course send you a message as well. But keep an important thing in mind! A rejection is only for the specific job for which you applied. You can apply for other openings in our job portal at any time!

5. In-person interview

During an in-person interview, we will have the opportunity to learn more about each other. This will enable us to find out whether there is a solid basis for working together and what this work would look like.

6. Contract

Once we agree on the details of your hiring, you will immediately receive your employment contract from us by post.

7. Before getting started

A few weeks before the start of your employment, we will contact you to provide you with more information about the company and your first day of work.

8. You start your new job

We will be welcoming you as a new member of the HYDRO team!