FEN Fly-Away

Universal Narrow Body Fly-Away Tripod Jack Set

This Narrow Body fly-away tripod-jack set has been specially designed to meet the MRO needs of tomorrow. It is ready for shipment all over the world, quick and easy to install, fully equipped, and ready for immediate use.

Universal Narrow Body tripod-jack set consists of 4 optional available transportation racks and 4 jacks:

2x 35t Wing Jack - FENT354

2x 10t Nose / Tail Jack - FENT101

Technische Spezifikation

  Wing Jack FENT354A-004 Nose/ Tail Jack FENT101A-007 Auxiliary Nose / Tail Jack FENT101A-008 incl. 700 mm extension
Capacity: 35 t / 38.5 tons 10 t / 11 tons 10 t / 11 tons
Min. height: 1,750 mm / 68.9 inch 1,500 mm / 59.1 inch 2,100 mm / 82.7 inch
Hydr. lift: 2,100 mm / 82.6 inch 1,985 mm / 78.1 inch 1,985 mm / 78.1 inch
Screw ext.: 660 mm / 25.9 inch 450 mm / 17.7 inch 450 mm / 17.7 inch
Max. height with fixed ground plates : 4,470 mm / 175.9 inch 3,935 mm / 154.9 inch 4,635 mm / 182.4 inch





A319/ A319-NEO

A320/ A320-NEO

A321/ A321-NEO


B737-100 to 900

B737 MAX-7 /-8/ -9




Embraer 190/ 195

Embraer 190-E2 / 195-E2





Transportation Rack


  • Tripod structure
  • Dual manual hydraulic pump with high- and low-pressure unit
  • Overload relief valve offers protection against over-pressurization
  • Pressure indicator in bar and psi + conversion table for kN and tonnes
  • Safety lock nut offers protection against unintended pressure relief
  • Level for vertical alignment verification
  • Feet with height-adjustable ground plates
  • Hydraulically height-adjustable castors with locking mechanism
  • Hard-chromium-plated cylinder tube for long and trouble-free service life
  • Interchangeable adapters for additional aircraft types
  • Low-friction seal for uniform piston return
  • Secondary cylinder seal for protection against contaminants and to prolong life of primary seal
  • Skydrol-resistant paint and galvanized plating for corrosion protection
  • Movable tow-bars, easily mountable on each tow bar leg
  • Ladder with platform or pedestal (according to jack height)
  • Interface for HYDRO proof load equipment
  • Factory proof load with 150 % of nominal capacity incl. proof load certificate


  • High Quality made in Germany
  • Airbus validated
  • Long life-cycle
  • Quick and easy shipping the world
  • Full equipped for immediate use
  • Meeting the maintenance needs of tomorrow
  • At least 10 years spare part availability
  • On-site service
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